• BJAST Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with North China University of Technology
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  • Guo Guangsheng pointed out that BJAST makes efforts to become the powerhouse and main force in the building of National Science and Technology Innovation Center and facilitating the integrated development of Beijing Tianjin Heibei based on the applied basic research, strategic high tech research and six major fields. By 2020, BJAST will have become a high-level modern scientific research institution with its own characteristic, listing in the top of local scientific research institutes throughout the country; by 2035, to become an internationally renowned, first-rate modern research institution with distinctive characteristics at home; by 2050, to become a top-level international research institution with significant influence with distinctive characteristics.

    On November 11th, President Guo Guangsheng led a team and visited North China University of Technology to carry out exchange and signed strategic cooperation agreement. On behalf of the leadership of university, Zheng Wentang expressed welcome the BJAST’s delegation.

    Dinghui, President of North China University of Technology introduced characteristics of the university. Zheng Wentang expressed the hope that the two sides could enhance bilateral cooperation and strive for the landmark achievements through co-build integrated innovation center and platform and co-applied projects, serving the economy and social development of Beijing.

    In the end, both sides have signed the strategic cooperation agreement, and expressed that both sides will strengthen cooperation, implementing the work of the agreements.

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