• Scientific Research Personnel from Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center Visited Bristol Zoo Gardens to Carry out Academic Exchanges
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  • On November 17, at the invitation of Dr. Gráinne McCabe of Bristol Zoo Garden, scientific research personnel from Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center visited Bristol Zoo Gardens and carried out academic exchangers on the theme of “wildlife conservation, biodiversity conservation and popular science education”.

    During the visit, discussions on the issues including “mammals feeding and welfare, plant diversity and natural education, endangered animals rescue and zoo construction and planning” have been carried out. And under the guidance of the experts from Bristol Zoo Gardens, the research personnel of Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center had a deep understanding on the infrastructures of animal housing, animal feeding, and rescue facilities, etc.

    Christoph Schwitzer, Protection Department Director of Bristol Zoo Gardens said that in the future Bristol Zoo Gardens will introduce large Milu population in the new Wild Place Project, WPP, and hope that deep cooperation on wetland construction, Milu ex-situ conservation and so on could be carried with Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center.

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