• Brief introduction of the president of BJAST

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  •       Guo Guangsheng, President of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology. President Guo is a renowned scholar and has long been engaged in teaching and research in the field of Chemistry, Materials Science and Higher Education. He is a Professor, and entitled to supervise PhD candidates. And he is also a winner of the entitlement to the Special Government Allowance by the State Council.

          President Guo has played active roles in relevant academic circles. He is a Chief Expert of National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program),a Deputy Director of Academic Division of Management of Science & Technology of Ministry of Education, a Member of  the Review Committee for Discipline Development and Specialty Set-up of Ministry of Education, a Deputy Director of the Steering Committee for Education Technology and Methodology in Higher Education Institutions. He has presided over and participated in more than 10 research projects at the national level or at the Provincial ( Ministerial) level, including the National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program),the Key Program and General Program by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has won the First Prize and the Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement as the first accomplisher respectively. He has published 150 SCI papers on J. Am. Chem. Soc., J. Mater. Chem., Anal. Chem., J. Phys. Chem., Sens. Actuators B. and so on.

          The previous leadership positions he held include: Vice President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Deputy Director-General of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, President of Beijing University of Technology, and Deputy Secretary-General of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee.

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